Are you in search of Total Health and Wellness, then you’ve come to the right place.

 At Med First Wellness, Dr. Nancy DeJesus will create a program specifically designed for your health and wellness. Whether you have a medical problem or are looking for Anti-Aging solutions, Med First Wellness is there for you.

For weight loss, we have a new program guaranteed to get rid of unwanted pounds (or fat). And the best part is that it can be done relatively simply and in a short period of time. The “Thin 4 Life-MD™” program is a step- by- step plan that will help you lose twenty to thirty pounds in Only 30 Days. 

If you yearn to lose fat without taking dangerous prescription weight loss pills or buying pre-packed foods, then this is the perfect plan for you.   And, you don’t have to spend hours at the gym lifting weights or doing strenuous exercise. As a matter of fact, we don’t want you to do strenuous exercise while on this unique 30- day program. You’ll lose those pesky food cravings and you’ll find your energy level increasing in no time without a personal trainer. Yes, it’s true.

At Med First Wellness we share the latest medical information and breakthroughs with our patients. That means you have access to cutting-edge treatments that address your medical problems and concerns. We don’t feel the need to do things the way they have always been done (status quo is not always the best route to wellness). We know that. You know why? Because we have seen it work for thousands of patients.

At Med First we research (and utilize) the best medical treatments available in the Health and Wellness fields. Our cutting edge treatments and medical solutions allow patients to turn back the clock and become a healthier, younger version of themselves (and who doesn’t want that).   We’ll also show you how to take control of your life with the same energy and enthusiasm you had in your prime years. See for yourself – it works.

Who is Dr. DeJesus?
Dr. DeJesus is a leader in the crusade to improve the health and wellness for women and men of all ages. She did her medical training in Primary Medicine in Upstate New York and has practiced medicine for the past 18 years. But that is where the similarity to other medical professionals ends.

Dr. DeJesus’s mission is to promote health and wellness for her patients rather than manage illness. As a fervent researcher and caring physician Dr. DeJesus’s mission is to improve the lives of her patients. She wants them to thrive in today’s world, not just merely exist. She wants them to have energy and a well-balanced life that promotes success, happiness and well being.

Dr. DeJesus is also a leading proponent of the holistic medical paradigm. She believes that healing must take place on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. It is this unity of mind and body that plays a powerful role for creating the maximum health to heal the human spirit and body. And, once these different aspects of the human body come into alignment, then true healing can take place.

PERSONALIZED MEDICAL TREATMENT                                                                    Dr. DeJesus believes deeply that every patient has their own unique biological and physical make-up. Each "body" responds differently to commonly prescribed medications, especially when treating hormonal imbalance. Dr. DeJesus does not subscribe to the “One- Size- Fits-All” philosophy that many physicians today adhere to.

That’s because her research – has led Dr. DeJesus on a path to discover what is ideal for each of her patient’s optimal health and welfare. After a few tests Dr. DeJesus is able to create a program for each patient. This is done by performing a Health and Preventive Medical Evaluation with sophisticated biomarkers, that are not used by most physicians.
In order for optimal hormone levels to be reached, proper Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy is needed. There are other ways to maintain optimal health, and that is with Antioxidant Therapy, Weight Control for Life, Proper Nutrition, Energy Medicine, Moderate Exercise and other modalities necessary to strengthen your body and mind.

THE FUTURE IS NOW                                                                                                     A significant number of our patients are able to reduce their daily intake of potentially dangerous prescription drugs. In many instances patients are able to eliminate the use of prescription drugs through our guidance. To achieve this goal, Dr. DeJesus combines Traditional Medicine with the best Alternative Medicine available today.

At Med First we listen to our patients (which is rare today). Our theory is if physicians did listen carefully to what their patients are saying, without rushing them out the door, a diagnosis could be made without unnecessary (or repetitive and expensive) testing. This rush to prescribe (or get) unnecessary tests is a waste of your time and money - and it delays the therapeutic planning for your treatment.

Many new patients ask us, “What is Med First Wellness?” They want to know, ‘Is it a regular medical office?’ The answer is unequivocally, No, we are not a traditional medical office. Instead we are a medical office that practices good, sound out-patient preventative medicine. We don’t want to manage illness – we want to see you healthy and well. That’s why we call our medical practice “Out-patient Preventive Medicine.” The kind of medicine allows you to maintain a high-functioning well adjusted life. We don’t believe that your age should dictate if you are able to live well with energy and enthusiasm.

WHAT IS THE FIRST STEP AT MED FIRST WELLNESS?                                         New patients are asked to complete a pre-evaluation form that allows us to review your past medical history, medications, supplements, etc. General, Preventive and Anti-Aging blood testing will also be done in our office. After the results of the tests are in, a medical evaluation will be done by the doctor. During the medical evaluation Dr. DeJesus will discuss your customized treatment plan (in detail) addressing your unique medical conditions. We also have patients that are not sick, but want to look and feel their best way beyond their senior years. Every patient must have a Primary Care Physician while undergoing hormonal therapy or any of our Health and Wellness programs.

Aging is inevitable...but Accelerated Aging, in Dr. DeJesus' opinion, is a preventable and reversible condition. Obesity is also a preventable and reversible condition. And unlike what some people will tell you, you don’t have to live like that. If you decide you want to change your body (and change your life) you can take action.
At Med First Wellness we have a modern State-of- the -Art medical facility. We have proven safe, affordable and effective programs available to help you stay young, trim and energetic as long as you want. If you feel like you are merely existing and not really living, contact us today - we can change your life.

For appointments email us at: Appt@DrNancyDeJesus.com   or   Call   (561) 279-2722


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